How to register for Poll Everywhere

Every lecture will contain assessed questions or polls, and you will be able to vote using your phone (or web-enabled device such as a laptop) via Poll Everywhere.

For a detailed overview of how to register, see the Poll Everywhere guide and, more specifically, how to register. You may also want to install the Poll Everywhere Response App on your phone. But, in brief, to register your phone, laptop or other web-enabled device:
  1. Go to polleverywhere.com
  2. Create an account I need to be able to determine who you are, so use your uwyo email address to register, and your FULL name.
  3. Click on "You're Participating" as your primary use.
  4. Under "Settings" (the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of your browser) click "Register with a Presenter".
  5. Enter Username astr1050 and then click on "Search".
  6. Once your account has been created, register your phone number for text messaging. Ignore these next 2 steps if you will use a laptop, smartphone, tablet, App, or browser in general:
  7. Bring your phone, laptop or other device, to each lecture.
In the lecture (assuming you're registered):
Standard text messaging rates may apply for the SMS option.

Here is a list of people who are currently registered and have successfully answered a question in lectures. If you do not appear on this list, go back to the "Settings" steps and make sure you have registered with astr1050 and, if you are using a phone, that you have certified your number.

On any given day, Poll Everywhere can be slow. So, if you're panicking over a lack of response during a particular lecture, check out the condition of the Poll Everywhere server.

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